one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
Hypernyms: ↑animal order
Member Holonyms: ↑Acanthopterygii, ↑superorder Acanthopterygii
Member Meronyms:
Percoidea, ↑suborder Percoidea, ↑percoid fish, ↑percoid, ↑percoidean, ↑perch, ↑Anabantidae, ↑family Anabantidae, ↑Percidae, ↑family Percidae, ↑Trichodontidae, ↑family Trichodontidae, ↑Ophidiidae, ↑family Ophidiidae, ↑Brotulidae, ↑family Brotulidae, ↑Carapidae, ↑family Carapidae, ↑Centropomidae, ↑family Centropomidae, ↑Esocidae, ↑family Esocidae, ↑Centrarchidae, ↑family Centrarchidae, ↑freshwater bream, ↑bream, ↑Serranidae, ↑family Serranidae, ↑Embiotocidae, ↑family Embiotocidae, ↑Priacanthidae, ↑family Priacanthidae, ↑Apogonidae, ↑family Apogonidae, ↑Malacanthidae, ↑family Malacanthidae, ↑Pomatomidae, ↑family Pomatomidae, ↑Rachycentridae, ↑family Rachycentridae, ↑Carangidae, ↑family Carangidae, ↑Coryphaenidae, ↑family Coryphaenidae, ↑Bramidae, ↑family Bramidae, ↑Branchiostegidae, ↑family Branchiostegidae, ↑Cichlidae, ↑family Cichlidae, ↑Lutjanidae, ↑family Lutjanidae, ↑Haemulidae, ↑family Haemulidae, ↑Sparidae, ↑family Sparidae, ↑sea bream, ↑Sciaenidae, ↑family Sciaenidae, ↑Mullidae, ↑family Mullidae, ↑Mugiloidea, ↑suborder Mugiloidea, ↑Kyphosidae, ↑family Kyphosidae, ↑Ephippidae, ↑family Ephippidae, ↑Chaetodontidae, ↑family Chaetodontidae, ↑Pomacentridae, ↑family Pomacentridae, ↑Labridae, ↑family Labridae, ↑Scaridae, ↑family Scaridae, ↑Polynemidae, ↑family Polynemidae, ↑Opisthognathidae, ↑family Opisthognathidae, ↑Uranoscopidae, ↑family Uranoscopidae, ↑Blennioidea, ↑suborder Blennioidea, ↑Ammodytidae, ↑family Ammodytidae, ↑Callionymidae, ↑family Callionymidae, ↑Gobiidae, ↑family Gobiidae, ↑Eleotridae, ↑family Eleotridae, ↑Percophidae, ↑family Percophidae, ↑Toxotidae, ↑family Toxotidae, ↑Microdesmidae, ↑family Microdesmidae, ↑Acanthuridae, ↑family Acanthuridae, ↑Gempylidae, ↑family Gempylidae, ↑Trichiuridae, ↑family Trichiuridae, ↑Scombroidea, ↑suborder Scombroidea, ↑Stromateidae, ↑family Stromateidae, ↑Gobiesocidae, ↑family Gobiesocidae, ↑Lobotidae, ↑family Lobotidae, ↑Gerreidae, ↑family Gerreidae, ↑Gerridae, ↑family Gerridae

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\\ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˈfȯr(ˌ)mēz\ noun plural
Usage: capitalized
Etymology: New Latin, from Latin perca perch + New Latin -iformes — more at perch
in some classifications : a group of fishes nearly or exactly equivalent to Percoidea

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